Summary of Kaz - A romantic suspense by Karldon Okruta

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Thirty-two-year-old Kaz Carter leaves his poverty struggles in Maynooth, Ontario, to start his life anew in Toronto. Luck strikes and he lands a job in a gay and lesbian nightclub, where a festive gala is held to ring in the 1988 New Year. What Kaz doesn’t detect, though, is that he has fallen into the eyes of a dangerous and delusional hustler. After an unthinkable tragedy occurs, the degrees of separation that had guarded Kaz from a madman dwindle to zero and Kaz is driven to take action... in ways he would never have imagined back in his Maynooth days.


By Karldon Okruta

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Kaz is a well-written first narrative blend of romance, mystery and suspense, spiced up with numerous comedic scenarios that make this colourfully cast-driven story captivating and pleasurable. This is a must-read for all fiction lovers; for anyone who enjoys a good page-turner with many zany thrills and twists.